Power Pack: Into The Storm #1

Power Pack: Into The Storm #1

Illustrated by: June Brigman

Cover Art by: June Brigman

Written by: Louise Simonson

Release date: January 24th, 2024

Marvel Comics

*Minor Spoilers Ahead

Alex, Julie, Jack and Katie Power are super-hero siblings determined to do their part to protect the world despite their young age. The problem is that their parents don’t want them to have powers – and can’t know that they do. But when their friend Franklin Richards has a premonition of a galactic threat hurtling their way, the Power siblings will have to decide what kind of heroes they want to be – and what they’re willing to give up along the way.
Original creators Louise Simonson and June Brigman return to explore an exciting new adventure from the early days of the POWER PACK!

Power Pack: Into The Storm #1 is a nostalgic journey back to the early days of the beloved Power Pack, and it’s a delightful treat for fans of the superhero siblings. Louise Simonson and June Brigman, the original creators, once again showcase their storytelling prowess and artistic talents, proving that some things only get better with time.

The storyline introduces an imminent galactic threat, adding a layer of excitement and urgency to the Power siblings’ adventures. The internal conflict of hiding their powers from their parents adds a relatable touch, making the characters more human despite their extraordinary abilities. The use of Franklin Richards’ premonition adds a mysterious element, keeping readers hooked and eager to uncover the unfolding events.

What truly stands out in this issue is the seamless blend of nostalgia and innovation. As a reader who cherished the Power Pack ongoing story and enjoyed their appearances over the years in other mini-series and some of their cameo appearances, diving into this new adventure feels like revisiting my years in high school. The love for Power Pack and its characters remains strong, and seeing Louise Simonson and June Brigman back at the helm only enhances the experience.

The artwork by June Brigman is a visual feast, capturing the essence of the characters and their world. The cover art is particularly striking, drawing readers in with a promise of the thrilling journey within. The attention to detail and the dynamic illustrations contribute significantly to the overall appeal of the comic.

As a long-time fan, I appreciate the dedication to preserving the lore of Power Pack. The first issue sets a promising tone, hinting at a continuation that will keep the legacy alive for years to come. While there have been attempts to explore the team’s adventures in the past, this new title feels like a fresh start with the potential for an enduring series.

Despite Marvel’s previous attempt with teams infused with the Power siblings such as the Future Foundation, it’s clear that Power Pack holds a special place in the hearts of many. This issue reignites the passion for the team, and I, for one, am eager to see where this adventure takes the Power siblings next. Here’s to hoping for more captivating stories and, perhaps, another ongoing Power Pack series that captures the hearts of both old and new fans alike.

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A Nostalgic and Exciting Return to the Beloved Superhero Siblings

Colors - 9.6
Design - 9.7
Illustration - 9.9
Narrative - 9.9
Subplot - 9.4


Power Pack: Into The Storm #1 is a nostalgic and innovative comic that introduces a galactic threat and relatable conflict. The original creators showcase their storytelling and artistic talents, capturing the essence of the characters and their world. The attention to detail and dynamic illustrations contribute to the overall appeal of the comic. The issue sets a promising tone for a potential enduring series.

Genre: Superhero
Series: Power Pack: Into The Storm | Illustrated by June Brigman
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