Justice Ducks #1

Justice Ducks #1

Illustrated by: Carlo Lauro

Cover art by: Mirka Andolfo

Written by: Roger Langridge

Release date: January 24th, 2024

Dynamite Entertainment

*Minor Spoilers Ahead

Darkwing Duck Is Teaming Up – Whether He Likes It or Not!

Foes of evil! Enemies of injustice! To the mighty heroes of the JUSTICE DUCKS, all bad guys are a total bummer and must be taken down – even if said bad-o’s are from OUTER SPACE!

In this thrilling maiden issue: Flying saucers descend from the skies, to (maybe) wreak (possible) havoc upon the (mostly) innocent citizens of St. Canard! All that’s stopping these aggressive alien agitators is STEGMUTT, GIZMODUCK, NEPTUNIA, MORGANA, and (most important, in his opinion) DARKWING DUCK!

Written by the Eisner and Harvey Award-winning ROGER LANGRIDGE and illustrated by celebrated Darkwing Duck artist CARLO LAURO, this latest chapter in the ongoing saga of St. Canard’s web-footed wonders is surely destined for greatness – just like DD himself!

Justice Ducks #1 bursts onto the scene with an exhilarating blend of humor, action, and nostalgia, making it a must-read for fans of the feathered crusader, Darkwing Duck, and comic book enthusiasts alike.

Illustrated by the talented Carlo Lauro, the visuals of Justice Ducks #1 are nothing short of spectacular. Lauro captures the essence of St. Canard and its eclectic group of heroes with dynamic and expressive artwork. Mirka Andolfo’s cover art sets the tone for the adventure within, enticing readers with a glimpse of the cosmic chaos that awaits.

Roger Langridge, a seasoned writer with Eisner and Harvey Awards under his belt, weaves a compelling narrative that brings together the quirky team of heroes – Stegmutt, Gizmoduck, Neptunia, Morgana, and, of course, the one and only Darkwing Duck. The storyline takes an unexpected turn as flying saucers threaten the peaceful citizens of St. Canard, prompting our feathered heroes to take action against extraterrestrial adversaries.

Langridge’s writing not only captures the essence of the beloved characters but also introduces new challenges and mysteries, keeping readers on the edge of their seats. The humor and wit present throughout the issue pay homage to the classic Darkwing Duck series, creating a delightful reading experience for both long-time fans and newcomers.

Released on January 24th, by Dynamite Entertainment, Justice Ducks #1 is a testament to the expansion of the Dynamite Darkwing Duck Universe. The collaboration between Langridge and Lauro brings a fresh perspective to the beloved characters while staying true to the spirit of the original series.

For fans keeping track of Kevin Maguire homage variants, Justice Ducks #1 offers a treat that adds an extra layer of excitement to the reading experience. The homage is a nod to the rich history of DC Comics, and giving us a cover swipe from Justice League International #1.

Justice Ducks #1 is a quack-tastic adventure that combines stellar artwork, engaging storytelling, and a dash of nostalgia. Whether you’re a die-hard Darkwing Duck fan or a comic book enthusiast looking for a captivating read, this issue delivers on all fronts. Get ready for a wild ride as the Justice Ducks soar into action, proving that justice is not just for the birds – it’s for everyone!

Justice Ducks #1 is available on our new comic book wall and can be placed on your weekly pull list.


A Quack-tastic Adventure Unleashed!

Colors - 9.2
Design - 9.6
Illustration - 9.6
Narrative - 9.8
Subplot - 9.3


Justice Ducks #1 is a must-read comic for fans of Darkwing Duck and Disney enthusiasts. It features spectacular artwork by Carlo Lauro and a compelling narrative by Roger Langridge that brings together a quirky team of heroes to fight extraterrestrial adversaries.

Genre: Disney+, Superhero
Series: Justice Ducks | Illustrated by Carlo Lauro, Mirka Andolfo
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