Edge of Spider-Verse #1

Edge of Spider-Verse #1

Illustrated by: Travel Foreman, Eric Gapstur, Salvador Larroca

Cover Art by: Chad Wayne Hardin

Written by: Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly, Alex Segura

Release date: February 21st, 2024

Marvel Comics

*Minor Spoilers Ahead

The now perennial Spider-Hit is back as we start the build to the biggest Spider-Versal story we’ve EVER DONE! We all know who Weapon X is, but WHO IS WEAPON VIII?! In their universe, when Weapon X escapes from his facility, they call on their greatest previous success to get him back. SPIDER-BYTE RETURNS! You may not have realized that the digital avatar Spider-Character who made her big screen debut in Across the Spider-Verse came from the comics first! She’s back in comics now and you don’t want to miss her!

Marvel Comics delivers another tantalizing entry into the expansive Spider-Verse with “Edge of Spider-Verse #1,” hitting shelves with a blend of familiar faces and intriguing new additions. Penned by the dynamic trio of Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly, and Alex Segura, and brought to life visually by the talented duo of Travel Foreman and Eric Gapstur, this issue propels readers into a gripping narrative spanning across dimensions.

The issue kicks off with an electrifying introduction to Weapon X, but the real star of the show emerges with the enigmatic Weapon VIII, whose identity sparks curiosity and sets the stage for a thrilling exploration into the depths of the Spider-Verse. As the plot unfolds, we are reintroduced to a beloved character from the digital realm, Spider-Byte, whose return to the comics is sure to delight fans and newcomers alike.

While the issue’s structure may seem uneven at first glance, with varying degrees of engagement across its stories, each tale contributes to the overarching narrative in its own unique way. The initial story might falter in its execution, but subsequent narratives pick up the pace, culminating in a captivating finale that leaves readers craving for more.

One cannot help but ponder the possibilities presented by the Spider-Verse concept. The notion of exploring different iterations of Spider-Man across infinite realities is undoubtedly enticing, yet some readers may find themselves yearning for a more cohesive approach to storytelling. The call for an ongoing anthology format, akin to the classic Marvel Comics Presents, resonates strongly, offering creators the freedom to experiment while avoiding the fatigue associated with frequent event releases.

Indeed, the issue prompts reflection on the frequency of Spider-Verse events and the need for restraint in their execution. While the allure of these multiversal sagas remains undeniable, there’s a longing for events that feel truly monumental and rare, allowing for sufficient buildup and anticipation.

“Edge of Spider-Verse #1” embodies the essence of the Spider-Verse phenomenon while also raising thought-provoking questions about its future direction. It’s a testament to the enduring appeal of Spider-Man and the limitless possibilities of the multiverse, urging both creators and readers to explore new horizons while cherishing the essence of what makes Spider-Verse special.

As we eagerly await the next installment in this multiversal saga, one thing remains certain: the Spider-Verse is a web of endless intrigue, waiting to ensnare us in its captivating embrace once more.

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A Multiversal Web of Intrigue

Colors - 9
Design - 9.4
Illustration - 9.4
Narrative - 9.1
Subplot - 9.1


Edge of Spider-Verse #1 is the latest title (I know this is like the 5th "Edge of Spider-Verse" same name, yada, yada, yada) from Marvel that introduces an enigmatic character named Weapon VIII and explores different dimensions of the Spider-Verse. While the issue's structure may seem uneven at first, each story contributes to the overarching narrative in its own unique way. The comic raises thought-provoking questions about the future direction of the Spider-Verse and the frequency of its events. Overall, it's a captivating read that leaves readers craving for more.

Genre: Superhero
Illustrated by Chad Wayne Hardin, Eric Gapstur, Salvador Larroca, Travel Foreman
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