Sinister Sons #1

Sinister Sons #1

Illustrated by: David Lafuente

Cover art by: Brad Walker

Written by: Peter J. Tomasi

Release date: February 14th, 2024

DC Comics

*Minor Spoilers Ahead

MEET DC’S DEVIOUS NEW DUO! FROM SUPER SONS WRITER PETER J. TOMASI AND FAN-FAVORITE ARTIST DAVID LAFUENTE! They’re bad to the bone, ready to brawl, and the sons of two of the deadliest villains in the galaxy: they’re the Sinister Sons and the DC Universe will never be the same! When the son of General Zod was cast off of his adopted homeworld of New Kandor, Lor-Zod runs afoul of a kid on a mission: Sinson is out to prove he’s got what it takes to live up to the family name of Sinestro! But all is not as it seems, and the sons’ journeys will take them into the heart of darkness in this sensational first issue! Superstar scribe Peter J. Tomasi returns to the world of DC youth once again—joined by fan-favorite artist David Lafuente—to craft one of the most dynamic debuts of a duo in DCU history!

Sinister Sons #1 bursts onto the scene with a promising premise: the offspring of two infamous DC villains, General Zod and Sinestro, stepping into the spotlight. Penned by the seasoned Peter J. Tomasi, known for his work on “Super Sons,” and brought to life visually by the talented David Lafuente, this debut issue offers a tantalizing glimpse into the darker corners of the DC Universe.

The narrative kicks off with Lor-Zod, the son of General Zod, finding himself at odds with Sinson, determined to prove himself worthy of his father’s legacy as the son of Sinestro. Their clash sets the stage for what promises to be a thrilling exploration of identity and destiny, as these two young antiheroes navigate the shadows cast by their infamous parents.

Tomasi’s writing shines with his trademark blend of action and character depth, teasing out the complexities of familial ties and the burden of legacy. Meanwhile, Lafuente’s artwork injects the pages with kinetic energy, capturing the intensity of the sons’ confrontations and the eerie atmosphere of their journeys into darkness.

While the issue sets the stage for an intriguing miniseries about a couple of young frenemies, it’s not without its drawbacks. The introduction of two relatively unknown characters may deter some readers, and the uncertainty surrounding the series’ longevity even as a 6 issue series raises questions about its lasting impact. Additionally, the abrupt departure of writer Peter J. Tomasi along with many other creators from other projects who have moved into a creator-owned, major-indie publishing house known as Ghost Machine, another sub-imprint of Image Comics, this may raise concerns about the series’ stability.

Despite these concerns, “Sinister Sons #1” offers a solid start to what could be a compelling exploration of villainous legacies and the next generation of DC antiheroes. Fans of Tomasi’s previous work and those intrigued by the premise of morally ambiguous protagonists will find much to enjoy in this inaugural issue. As the series unfolds, it remains to be seen whether it will live up to the high standards set by its villainous lineage.

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Exploring the Darker Corners of DC's Villainous Legacies

Colors - 9
Design - 9
Illustration - 9
Narrative - 9
Subplot - 6.4


Sinister Sons #1 is a new DC comic series about the offspring of General Zod and Sinestro. The debut issue, written by Peter J. Tomasi and illustrated by David Lafuente, explores the themes of identity and destiny as the two young antiheroes clash and navigate their infamous parents' legacies. While the series shows promise, the introduction of unknown characters and uncertainty surrounding its longevity may deter some readers. Overall, it offers a solid start to an intriguing exploration of villainous legacies and morally ambiguous protagonists.

Genre: Superhero
Illustrated by Brad Walker, David Lafuente
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