Alien: Black, White & Blood #1

Alien: Black, White & Blood #1

Illustrated by: Michael Dowling, Various

Cover Art by: Ryan Stegman

Written by: Collin Kelly, Various

Release date: February 21st, 2024

Marvel Comics

*Minor Spoilers Ahead

Black, white, red – and GREEN! Marvel Comics and 20th Century Studios present a kill-fest of an anthology in chest-rending artistic detail! Superstars Collin Kelly & Jackson Lanzing (Captain America: Cold War, Guardians of the Galaxy) and brilliant artist Michael Dowling (Black Cat, Amazing Spider-Man) kick off a generations-spanning story that will continue through all four issues! Fan-favorite writer Ryan Cady explores the limits of compassion in “Maternal Instincts.” And rising stars Stephanie Phillips and Marcelo Ferreira bring you “The Hunt,” a tale of guts, glory and the most exhilarating of games…

Alien: Black, White & Blood #1 is a thrilling entry into the iconic Alien universe, delivered with the distinct flair that only Marvel Comics could provide. This anthology kicks off with an explosive combination of talent: Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing, alongside the masterful artwork of Michael Dowling, create a visceral experience that grabs readers from the very first page.

The decision to present this tale in black, white, and red adds a captivating layer to the storytelling, emphasizing the raw intensity and violence that define the Alien franchise. Michael Dowling’s illustrations are nothing short of breathtaking, capturing the horror and tension of the Alien universe with remarkable detail.

But the excellence doesn’t stop there. Ryan Cady’s exploration of compassion in “Maternal Instincts” is a standout, delving into the emotional depths of the series in a way that will resonate with fans old and new. And “The Hunt,” crafted by Stephanie Phillips and Marcelo Ferreira, delivers pulse-pounding action and suspense, showcasing the sheer thrill of the Alien universe.

This anthology promises to be a generations-spanning epic, and with talents like Kelly, Lanzing, Dowling, Cady, Phillips, and Ferreira at the helm, readers are in for a ride they won’t soon forget. “Alien: Black, White & Blood #1” is a must-read for any fan of the franchise, offering a fresh perspective on familiar horrors and setting the stage for an unforgettable journey through the darkest corners of space.

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A Classic Marvel Comics Horror Anthology

Colors - 9
Design - 9.5
Illustration - 9.5
Narrative - 9.5
Subplot - 9.3


Alien: Black, White & Blood #1 is a gripping entry into the Alien universe, presented in black, white, and red to emphasize its intensity and violence. The anthology features talented creators and promises to be an epic journey through the darkest corners of space. A must-read for fans of the franchise.

Genre: Horror
Series: Alien: Black White Blood | Illustrated by Michael Dowling, Ryan Stegman
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