AOD: Forever #1

Army of Darkness: Forever #1

Illustrated by: Justin Greenwood

Cover Art by: Francesco Mattina

Written by: Tony Fleecs

Release date: October 11, 2023

Dynamite Entertainment

*Minor Spoilers Ahead

“After it debuted in 1993, the classic Sam Raimi film Army of Darkness quickly became the most beloved movie of the popular Evil Dead franchise. And with the launch of their Army of Darkness comics in 2005, Dynamite set a new standard for the indefatigable Ash Williams’s adventures in any medium! Now, after nearly three decades of Ash-tastic action, Dynamite is upping the ante with the ultimate AOD comic book series: Army of Darkness… FOREVER!

Picking up immediately after the events of Army of Darkness (the Director’s Cut, natch), Ash chainsaws his way through the Techno Army of Darkness in 2093 and defends the sacred aisles of the S-Mart in 1993! (What? How!?) Meanwhile, in the distant past, his lady love Sheila fights off a rising evil at Castle Kandar!

Written and illustrated by comics heavyweights TONY FLEECS and JUSTIN GREENWOOD, Army of Darkness Forever features incredible covers by some of the medium’s greatest masters of horror, including series writer/mastermind TONY FLEECS, artist NICK DRAGOTTA (East of West), the zombie king himself, ARTHUR SUYDAM, and master painter FRANCESCO MATTINA!”

Army of Darkness: Forever #1 is a love letter to fans of the cult classic Sam Raimi film and the enduring Evil Dead franchise. Published by Dynamite Entertainment and expertly crafted by the talented Tony Fleecs, with captivating art by Justin Greenwood and a striking cover by Francesco Mattina, this comic promises to be an Ash-tastic continuation of the beloved saga.

For those who grew up with the Evil Dead films, “Army of Darkness” quickly became a cherished classic, thanks in no small part to Bruce Campbell’s iconic portrayal of the irrepressible Ash Williams. Now, thanks to Dynamite’s Army of Darkness comics, the adventures of Ash have thrived for nearly three decades. “Army of Darkness: Forever” takes the series to new heights.

The story picks up immediately after the events of “Army of Darkness” and sees Ash embroiled in chainsaw-wielding action both in 2093 and 1993. How he manages to do this is part of the mystery, and it sets the stage for a time-bending adventure that fans will undoubtedly relish. Meanwhile, in the distant past, Ash’s lady love Sheila bravely faces a rising evil at Castle Kandar.

Tony Fleecs and Justin Greenwood, both veterans in the world of comics, bring their expertise to this comic, delivering a narrative that is both true to the spirit of the franchise and fresh in its approach. Fleecs’ writing captures the essence of Ash’s character and the over-the-top horror-comedy that fans adore, while Greenwood’s art brings the action to life with dynamic and detailed illustrations.

The covers for “Army of Darkness: Forever #1” are a testament to the comic’s reverence for the horror genre, featuring stunning artwork by some of the industry’s greatest masters of horror, including Nick Dragotta, Arthur Suydam, and Francesco Mattina.

As a fan of the Evil Dead franchise, I can’t help but share in the excitement of seeing Ash Williams continue his adventures in this new comic series. While the remakes and reimaginings have been hit or miss, the enduring legacy of Evil Dead is a testament to the brilliance of Sam Raimi and the lasting appeal of Ash’s character.

Army of Darkness: Forever #1 is a thrilling continuation of Ash’s chainsaw-wielding saga, and it’s a must-read for fans of the Evil Dead franchise. As we prepare to embark on a new journey with the indomitable Ash, we’re reminded of the enduring power of the series, thanks to the brilliant minds that have kept it alive for fans old and new. Hail to the king, baby!

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Ash's Chainsaw Saga Continues!

Colors - 7.9
Design - 9
Illustration - 9.1
Narrative - 10
Subplot - 10



Army of Darkness: Forever #1 is a new comic continuation of the "Evil Dead" franchise, featuring Ash Williams in a time-bending adventure. The story is expertly crafted by Tony Fleecs with captivating art by Justin Greenwood and a striking cover by Francesco Mattina. The comic pays homage to the horror genre and is a must-read for fans of the series.

Genre: Horror
Series: Army of Darkness: Forever | Illustrated by Francesco Mattina, Justin Greenwood
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