Ranger Academy #1

Ranger Academy #1

Illustrated by: Jo Mi-Gyeong

Cover Art by: Miguel Mercado

Written by: Maria Ingrande Mora

Release date: October 4, 2023

BOOM! Studios

*Minor Spoilers Ahead

If you had a chance to join the Power Rangers, would you do it?

13-year-old Sage lives on an isolated lunar colony with her adoptive father, but her days on the farm will change forever when she comes across a wreckage with wounded passengers… people from an academy training to be something called… POWER RANGERS!

Fresh off their Free Comic Book Day preview, acclaimed YA author Maria Ingrande Mora (Fragile Remedy) and superstar artist Jo Mi-Gyeong (Eve: Children of the Moon) introduce a bold new expansion of the Power Rangers Universe!

For the first time, discover the amazing school where Rangers are trained, and find out for yourself which Ranger color you would join!

Would you test your might as a Red Ranger, never surrender as a Black Ranger, inspire those around you as a Pink Ranger, show no fear as a Yellow Ranger, or prove that you’re the smartest kid on the team as a Blue Ranger? Enroll today!

Ranger Academy #1 from BOOM! Studios is a stellar introduction to an exciting expansion of the Power Rangers Universe. Written by the talented Maria Ingrande Mora, with stunning art by Jo Mi-Gyeong and captivating cover art by Miguel Mercado, this comic promises an intergalactic adventure that will thrill both newcomers and longtime fans.

At its heart, “Ranger Academy” is a story of discovery and transformation. We meet 13-year-old Sage, living on an isolated lunar colony with her adoptive father. Her life takes an unexpected turn when she stumbles upon a wreckage filled with wounded passengers—individuals from an academy training to become Power Rangers. The mystery of this academy and the potential for Sage to join their ranks sets the stage for a thrilling journey.

Maria Ingrande Mora’s storytelling is engaging and full of promise. It captures the wonder of a young girl discovering a world beyond her own, a world filled with the legendary Power Rangers. The concept of a school where Rangers are trained opens up a wealth of possibilities, offering readers the chance to imagine themselves as Rangers, each with their unique colors and abilities.

Jo Mi-Gyeong’s art brings this exciting new corner of the Power Rangers Universe to life. From the lunar colony’s landscapes to the intriguing designs of the academy and its potential future Rangers, every detail is meticulously crafted. The visuals are both dynamic and immersive, drawing readers into this world of heroes and adventure.

For fans who have cherished the Power Rangers throughout the years, “Ranger Academy #1” offers a fresh and captivating take on the beloved franchise. It invites readers to step into the shoes of aspiring Rangers and explore the intricacies of their training.

Ranger Academy #1 is a must-read for anyone who has ever dreamed of joining the ranks of the Power Rangers. It’s a bold and imaginative expansion of the universe that promises a thrilling journey of self-discovery and heroism. So, enroll today, choose your Ranger color, and prepare to embark on a galactic adventure like no other. The Power Rangers legacy continues to shine brightly, and this comic is a testament to its enduring appeal.

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A Galactic Adventure for Aspiring Rangers

Colors - 8.8
Design - 9.3
Illustration - 9.1
Narrative - 9.5
Subplot - 9.5


Ranger Academy #1 is a new comic from BOOM! Studios that introduces a school where aspiring Power Rangers are trained. The story follows 13-year-old Sage, who discovers a wreckage filled with wounded passengers from the academy and has the potential to join their ranks.

Genre: Sentai
Series: Ranger Academy | Illustrated by Jo Mi-Gyeong, Miguel Mercado
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