Transformers #1

Transformers #1

Illustrated by: Daniel Warren Johnson/Mike Spicer

Cover Art by: Daniel Warren Johnson/Mike Spicer

Written by: Daniel Warren Johnson

Release date: October 4, 2023

Image Comics

*Minor Spoilers Ahead

Superstar creator DANIEL WARREN JOHNSON (DO A POWERBOMB, Wonder Woman: Dead Earth), alongside ENERGON UNIVERSE showrunner ROBERT KIRKMAN (VOID RIVALS, INVINCIBLE), reimagines Hasbro’s robots in disguise for a brand-new generation.
Optimus Prime was supposed to have led the Autobots to victory. Instead, the fate of Cybertron is unknown, and his allies have crash-landed far from home, alongside their enemies-the Decepticons.
As these titanic forces renew their war on Earth, one thing is immediately clear: the planet will never be the same. New alliances are struck. Battle lines are redrawn. And humanity’s only hope of survival is Optimus Prime.
Discover THE TRANSFORMERS like you’ve never seen them before!

Transformers #1 is a resounding triumph that heralds a new era for these beloved robots in disguise. Daniel Warren Johnson, known for his spectacular work on “Beta Ray Bill” and “Do A Powerbomb,” takes the helm alongside the visionary Robert Kirkman, known for “The Walking Dead”, “Invincible” and “Void Rivals,” to breathe fresh life into the iconic Transformers with the new Energon Universe.

In this series premiere, the fate of Cybertron remains uncertain, and Optimus Prime, the stalwart leader, finds himself and his allies stranded on Earth alongside their eternal foes, the Decepticons. As the battleground shifts to our planet, alliances are forged, battle lines are drawn, and the very future of humanity hangs in the balance.

Daniel Warren Johnson’s artistic prowess shines brilliantly in every panel, offering a visual spectacle that captures the essence of these legendary robots. From the intricate character designs to the explosive battles, Johnson’s art is a feast for the eyes. Mike Spicer’s colors add depth and vibrancy to each scene, enhancing the overall visual experience. Just like Energon creating it’s newest spark!

But it’s not just about the stunning visuals; the storytelling in “Transformers #1” is equally exceptional. Johnson and Kirkman skillfully reimagine the Transformers mythos, offering a fresh perspective that both honors the legacy of the original 1984 series and injects new life into the narrative. The tension, the stakes, and the complexities of these characters are all brilliantly conveyed.

For fans who have cherished the Transformers since their inception, this series is a must-read. It takes what we love about these timeless characters and infuses it with modern storytelling, delivering a narrative that is both nostalgic and forward-thinking. And for newcomers, it’s the perfect entry point into a universe of epic conflicts and incredible transformations.

Transformers #1 is a triumphant start to a new era for the Autobots and Decepticons. It’s a thrilling revamping that captures the essence of what has made these robots so enduring and beloved. As the battle for Earth unfolds, readers are in for an electrifying ride that promises to redefine the Transformers for a brand-new generation. Don’t miss out on this transformative journey.

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A Thrilling Reimagination for a New Generation

Colors - 10
Design - 9.7
Illustration - 10
Narrative - 9.7
Subplot - 10


Roll Out!

Transformers is the latest comic book series that reimagines the Transformers mythos and breathes new life into the iconic tales of the war between the Autobots and the Decepticons.

Genre: Superhero
Series: Transformers | Illustrated by Daniel Warren Johnson
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