What If…? Dark: Tomb of Dracula #1

What If…? Dark: Tomb of Dracula #1

Illustrated by: David Cutler

Cover Art by: Giuseppe Camuncoli

Written by: Marv Wolfman

Release date: November 8, 2023

Marvel Comics

*Minor Spoilers Ahead

Legend MARV WOLFMAN returns to TOMB OF DRACULA and the character he co-created! WHAT IF…the legendary Dracula transformed BLADE the vampire slayer…into a vampire?!

Marvel Comics invites us on a thrilling journey into the darker realms of their universe with “What If…? Dark: Tomb of Dracula #1.” Written by the legendary Marv Wolfman, with art by David Cutler and captivating cover art by Giuseppe Camuncoli, this issue explores an intriguing reimagining of Marvel’s iconic Dracula lore.

In this tale, Marv Wolfman takes us on a spellbinding journey by asking, “What If…?” What if the legendary Dracula, the lord of all vampires, turned the tables on none other than Blade, the vampire slayer? It’s a question that ignites our curiosity and sets the stage for a fresh perspective on a classic character.

One of the standout elements of this issue is the sheer joy of witnessing Marv Wolfman revisit the world he co-created, bringing his own unique touch to the narrative. The story offers a fun and exciting twist on the established continuity, breathing new life into these beloved characters.

While the story captures our imagination, the art by David Cutler may not resonate with every reader. The decision to modernize the characters and their aesthetics might not suit everyone’s taste. Some might long for a more nostalgic, ’70s-style art that aligns with the original era of Dracula tales.

“What If…? Dark: Tomb of Dracula #1” is a commendable effort to explore a different facet of a classic Marvel horror character. It’s a testament to the enduring appeal of these timeless stories and the willingness of creative minds like Marv Wolfman to push the boundaries of what we thought we knew. Whether you’re a die-hard Dracula fan or simply intrigued by fresh takes on classic characters, this issue is definitely worth a read.


A Unique Twist on a Marvel Horror Classic!

Colors - 9.3
Design - 8.9
Illustration - 8.6
Narrative - 10
Subplot - 9.8


In this intriguing one-shot, legendary writer Marv Wolfman returns to the world of "Tomb of Dracula" and the character he co-created. Get ready for a mind-bending "What If" scenario where the iconic Dracula transforms Blade, the vampire slayer, into a vampire himself!

Genre: Horror
Series: What If...? | Illustrated by David Cutler, Giuseppe Camuncoli
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