White Widow #1

White Widow #1

Illustrated by: Alessandro Miracolo

Cover Art by: David Marquez

Written by: Sarah Gailey

Release date: November 1, 2023

Marvel Comics

*Minor Spoilers Ahead

Yelena Belova returns! Superspy. Rogue agent. Shadow of the Black Widow. Yelena Belova has been many things, but striking out as a hero in her own right is new to her. Now that she’s finally free to choose her own path, who will she become? Sarah Gailey (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Eat the Rich) joins forces with Alessandro Miracolo (Obi-Wan, Yoda) for a groundbreaking new chapter in the life of one of Marvel’s most enigmatic antiheroes.

Marvel Comics has once again delivered an electrifying narrative with the highly-anticipated “White Widow #1.” In this new series, the enigmatic antihero, Yelena Belova, returns in a triumphant fashion, exploring a new path as a hero and allowing readers to witness her transformation from superspy to a rogue agent.

Yelena Belova’s story has always been a complex and multifaceted one, filled with shadows and intrigue. Now, in the hands of the talented writer Sarah Gailey, known for her work on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Eat the Rich,” Yelena’s character undergoes a transformation that is nothing short of captivating. Gailey manages to balance the character’s complex history while also introducing a fresh and intriguing perspective. Yelena’s journey of self-discovery is not only compelling but also incredibly relatable, as she grapples with the choices she must make to shape her own destiny.

The artistic prowess of Alessandro Miracolo shines brightly in “White Widow #1.” Each panel is a work of art in itself, beautifully capturing the essence of the characters and the intensity of the narrative. Miracolo’s attention to detail and ability to convey emotion through his artwork is truly exceptional. The cover art by David Marquez is a visual treat, offering a glimpse into the thrilling world that awaits readers.

This inaugural issue of “White Widow” sets the stage for an exciting new chapter in the Marvel Universe. Yelena Belova’s journey as an antihero, seeking her own identity and destiny, is a promising and much-anticipated addition to the Marvel pantheon of characters.

“White Widow #1” is a triumphant return for Yelena Belova, promising a fresh and captivating take on her character. With a stellar creative team at the helm, this series is poised to become a must-read for comic enthusiasts. Get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure of self-discovery and heroism with Yelena Belova in “White Widow.”

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Yelena Belova's Resurgent Journey

Colors - 9.6
Design - 9.6
Illustration - 9.4
Narrative - 9.1
Subplot - 9.7


The new "White Widow #1" comic features the enigmatic antihero, Yelena Belova, who has returned in a new series exploring her transformation from superspy to rogue agent.

Genre: Espionage, Superhero
Series: White Widow | Illustrated by Alessandro Miracolo, David Marquez
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