Ultimate X-Men #1

Ultimate X-Men #1

Illustrated by: Peach Momoko

Cover Art by: Peach Momoko

Written by: Peach Momoko

Release date: March 6th, 2024

Marvel Comics

*Minor Spoilers Ahead

Visionary creator PEACH MOMOKO (DEMON DAYS, STAR WARS) creates a new generation of X-Men for an all-new universe! Hisako Ichiki is a teenage girl who just wants to live a normal life – go to school, hang out with her friends, ignore the political strife broiling over after the events of ULTIMATE INVASION – but life has other plans for her. In Japan, urban legends have sprung to life and brought some unusual new powers with them…Meet Armor, Maystorm and a group of new Ultimate X-Men the likes of which you’ve never seen before!

The latest Ultimate title from Marvel Comics has has been released, a new X-Men comic titled Ultimate X-Men #1 which is written and illustrated by Peach Momoko. This fresh take on the X-Men universe introduces a new generation of X-Men set in an all-new universe.

The story follows a teenage girl named Hisako Ichiki who desires to live a normal life despite the political turmoil that has erupted after the events of Ultimate Invasion. However, life has other plans for her as she discovers that urban legends in Japan have come to life and brought some unusual new powers with them. Armor, and Maystorm, lead a group of new Ultimate X-Men, unlike any seen before.

This comic is an X-Men tale unlike any other, offering a unique take on the franchise. Fans of manga will undoubtedly enjoy the fresh storyline and beautiful artwork present in this issue. The art style is dark and intriguing, setting the tone for an exciting new universe.

Peach Momoko has crafted a great first issue, introducing readers to an entirely new cast of characters. The writing is compelling and left me interested in seeing where the story goes. The use of Armor as the main character is a bold move, reminiscent of the Generation X movie in 1996 when Marvel decided to make Jubilee the main character and team lead.

The first issue presents a captivating exploration of Hisako Ichiki, delving deep into her struggles with loneliness, insecurities, and trauma, and trying to overcome these obstacles and embracing her identity.

Ultimate X-Men #1 is a fun read that offers a fresh take on the X-Men mythos. This issue provides a promising start to an exciting new universe that readers will undoubtedly enjoy.

Ultimate X-Men #1 is available on our comic book wall and can be placed on your weekly pull list.




A Fresh Take on the Mutant Universe

Colors - 9.8
Design - 9.8
Illustration - 9.8
Narrative - 9.3
Subplot - 9.1


Marvel Comics has released Ultimate X-Men #1, written and illustrated by Peach Momoko, featuring a new generation of X-Men set in a new universe.

Genre: Superhero
Series: Ultimate X-Men | Illustrated by Peach Momoko
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