Giant-Size Fantastic Four #1

Giant-Size Fantastic Four #1

Illustrated by: Creees Lee

Cover Art by: Bryan Hitch

Written by: Fabian Nicieza

Release date: February 28th, 2024

Marvel Comics

*Minor Spoilers Ahead

Namor is imprisoned, serving out his sentence as the disgraced King of Atlantis! So when a new yet ancient threat arises from the sea, who better to leap into the fray than Marvel’s First Family: the FANTASTIC FOUR! Writer FABIAN NICIEZA and artist CREEES LEE join forces for a GIANT-SIZE deep dive into some of Atlantis’ most dangerous history…and the present that can scarcely hope to contain it! PLUS: Includes a reprinting of FANTASTIC FOUR #33, a classic issue from Stan Lee and Jack Kirby featuring betrayal, action and high drama – in the Atlantean style!

Marvel Comics delivers a titanic tale of underwater intrigue in Giant-Size Fantastic Four #1, but unfortunately, the issue leaves a bit to be desired for both die-hard fans and casual readers alike.

Fabian Nicieza’s narrative plunges readers into the depths of Atlantis, weaving a tale of political intrigue and ancient threats. The premise of Namor, the Sub-Mariner, being imprisoned and the Fantastic Four stepping in to confront a new menace holds promise, offering a fresh take on familiar characters and settings. However, the execution falls somewhat flat, with pacing issues and a lack of depth in character development leaving the story feeling somewhat shallow.

Creees Lee’s artwork, while serviceable, fails to fully capture the grandeur and majesty of Atlantis. While there are moments of visual flair, particularly in the action sequences, overall the artwork lacks the sense of scale and wonder that one would expect from a story set beneath the waves. Additionally, the decision to include a reprint of Fantastic Four #33 feels like a missed opportunity, adding little to the overall experience and ultimately detracting from the value of the oversized format.

Furthermore, the portrayal of Attuma as a more “handsome” and “smiling” version of his traditional self may disappoint fans expecting a more menacing and formidable antagonist. This departure from the character’s established appearance feels out of place and undermines the tension of the story.

On the positive side, the inclusion of a classic Fantastic Four issue does offer readers a glimpse into the rich history of the series, providing context for newer fans and nostalgia for long-time readers. However, it’s a missed opportunity to not utilize the oversized format for new and original content, especially considering the potential for exploring the depths of Atlantis in greater detail.

Giant-Size Fantastic Four #1 delivers a mixed bag of aquatic adventures. While the premise holds promise and the inclusion of a classic issue adds some value, the execution falls short of expectations. Die-hard fans may find some enjoyment in revisiting familiar characters and settings, but casual readers may be left wanting more from this oversized offering.

Giant-Size Fantastic Four #1 is available on our weekly comic book wall.


Not so Fantastic Underwater Escapades

Colors - 8
Design - 8
Illustration - 8.5
Narrative - 8
Subplot - 7.5


Giant-Size Fantastic Four #1 offers a story of political intrigue and ancient threats in Atlantis, but falls short in character development and artwork. The inclusion of a classic issue adds value, but the missed opportunity for original content leaves readers wanting more. Die-hard fans may enjoy revisiting familiar characters, but casual readers may be disappointed.

Genre: Superhero
Series: Fantastic Four | Illustrated by Bryan Hitch, Creees Lee
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