Alice Cooper #1

Alice Cooper #1

Illustrated by: Edu Menna

Cover Art by: Stuart Sayger

Written by: Rodney Barnes

Release date: October 4, 2023

Dynamite Entertainment

*Minor Spoilers Ahead

“Legendary rock acts are finding themselves attacked by demonic forces. The police investigate, but there’s little to nothing they can do to stop the problem.

At the same time, Alice Cooper has a new album out and is in the midst of a promotional tour. It’s great to see all his fans again, but there’s a disturbing trend happening in every city – more and more of his audience appear to be undead! Complicating matters, when he goes to bed at night he ventures into the Nightmare Place. When he awakens, he’s in another city standing before a throng of fans, where he meets the Archangel Gabriel.

Gabriel tells him there’s a great music club called Burning Meat where the souls of legendary musicians hang out, watching the headliner – Lucifer – play his own personal style of rock music to the raucous applause of the demons in attendance. Now, Lucifer wants to take the show to Earth and the only thing stopping him is… Alice freakin’ Cooper!

Composed and arranged by writer RODNEY BARNES and artist EDU MENNA, this power anthem of an issue has its amps turned up to 11 with a trio of amazing covers from JASON SHAWN ALEXANDER (Rodney Barnes’s collaborator on Killadelphia), the incredible STUART SAYGER, and master of horror ANDREW MANGUM – all capped off with a classic photo cover of the man himself: Alice Cooper!”

Prepare to be rocked to your core by Alice Cooper #1 from Dynamite Entertainment, a comic that fuses the worlds of rock ‘n’ roll and the supernatural with incredible finesse. Written by Rodney Barnes (known for his work on The Boondocks, Everybody Hate’s Chris, and Marvel’s Runaways) and illustrated by Edu Menna, and featuring the mesmerizing cover art by Stuart Sayger, this issue is a devilishly good start to what promises to be an electrifying mini-series.

The story kicks off with a bang as legendary rock acts find themselves under attack by demonic forces. The police are baffled, and the tension escalates as the sinister threat grows. Enter Alice Cooper, the iconic rock star, who is in the midst of a promotional tour for his new album. It’s a joy to see him back on stage, but something’s amiss—his audience is turning undead! This eerie twist sets the stage for a tale that effortlessly blends the supernatural with the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle.

What truly sets Alice Cooper #1 apart is its ability to transport readers into the Nightmare Place, a realm where the line between dreams and reality blurs. Each time Alice falls asleep, he awakens in a different city before an audience of fans, where he encounters the enigmatic Archangel Gabriel. The introduction of Gabriel adds a layer of mystique to the narrative, hinting at a larger cosmic struggle beyond the mortal realm.

But it’s the revelation about Burning Meat, the music venue where the souls of legendary musicians gather, that takes the story to another level. The prospect of Lucifer bringing his rock show to Earth, with Alice Cooper as the only obstacle, is a premise that promises high-octane excitement and intrigue.

Rodney Barnes’s storytelling is pitch-perfect, capturing the essence of both the rockers lifestyle and the supernatural elements seamlessly. Edu Menna’s art complements the narrative brilliantly, offering striking visuals that bring the characters and their nightmarish adventures to life. Stuart Sayger’s cover art sets the tone for what’s inside, drawing readers in with its haunting allure.

If you’re an Alice Cooper fan or grew up in the time of rock bands like Alice Cooper and horror films such as The Excorcist, then this is a must-read. Alice Cooper #1 has elements of both rock music and supernatural storytelling. It’s a heady concoction of music, demons, and otherworldly encounters that promises to be a wild ride. This issue delivers a tantalizing glimpse into a world where the boundaries between reality and dreams blur, leaving us eagerly anticipating what’s in store for Alice Cooper and his battle against Lucifer. Rock on!

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A Rock 'n' Roll Supernatural Extravaganza!

Colors - 8.4
Design - 9.9
Illustration - 9.9
Narrative - 9.5
Subplot - 10


Alice Cooper #1 from Dynamite Entertainment seamlessly combines rock 'n' roll and the supernatural. Written by Rodney Barnes and illustrated by Edu Menna, the story follows Alice Cooper as he battles demonic forces attacking legendary rock acts.

Genre: Horror
Series: Alice Cooper | Illustrated by Edu Menna, Stuart Sayger
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