Blood Hunters #1

Blood Hunters #1

Illustrated by: Bernard Chang, Bob Quinn, and Javier Garrón

Cover Art by: Greg Land

Written by: Christos Gage, Erica Schultz, and Mark Russell

Release date: May 8th, 2024

Marvel Comics

*More Spoilers Than Usual, Sorry.. 🙁

The first in a new anthology series that explores how the shattering events of BLOOD HUNT cover the breadth of the Marvel Universe! HAWKEYE is on the run — but does he have enough trick arrows in his quiver to avoid both the long arm of the law AND vampires out for his blood?! MAN-WOLF and J. JONAH JAMESON do a little father-son bonding — while also fighting for their lives against a horde of bloodsuckers! And, in a continuing story, with CLOAK missing in action DAGGER strikes out in search of new and surprising allies. Witness the genesis of Marvel’s wildest team yet: the BLOOD HUNTERS! It all begins here!

Marvel Comics’ Blood Hunters #1 kicks off a captivating anthology series that delves into the aftermath of the cataclysmic events of Blood Hunt. Written by Christos Gage, Erica Schultz, and Mark Russell, with stunning artwork from Bernard Chang, Bob Quinn, and Javier Garrón, and amazing cover art by Greg Land. This issue presents three intriguing mini-stories that explore the impact of vampirism on the Marvel Universe.

The City That Never Weeps

This tale follows Hawkeye as he becomes a fugitive from both the law and the vampires that are relentlessly pursuing him. With his signature trick arrows in hand, Hawkeye must outsmart and outmaneuver his pursuers in order to survive. The story captures the character’s trademark wit and resourcefulness, while also showcasing his vulnerability in the face of such overwhelming odds.

Blood Relations

In this heartwarming and poignant story, Man-Wolf and J. Jonah Jameson team up to fight off a horde of bloodsuckers. Despite their differences, they find common ground in their love for their families and their determination to protect them. The story delves into the complex relationship between fathers and sons, and the sacrifices they are willing to make for each other.

Once More Into the Darkness, Part 1

This ongoing story focuses on Dagger as she searches for allies to help her find her missing partner, Cloak. Her quest leads her to a mysterious and dangerous underground organization known as the Blood Hunters. The story sets up a compelling mystery and introduces a cast of intriguing new characters.

Artistic Excellence

The artwork in Blood Hunters #1 is some fine work from three of the greats. Chang, Quinn, and Garrón bring the characters and their world to life with vibrant colors, dynamic action sequences, and evocative facial expressions. The varying art styles complement the different tones of the stories, adding depth and nuance to each tale.

Tie-Ins and Significance

As part of Marvel’s Blood Hunt event, this anthology ties into several other releases, including Vengeance of the Moon Knight #5 and Free Comic Book Day 2024: Blood Hunt/X-Men #1. The stories in Blood Hunters #1 provide additional context and depth to the larger event, making it a significantly epic jumping in point for fans of the Marvel Universe to begin a new, hot storyline.

Blood Hunters #1 is a thrilling and satisfying anthology that showcases the diverse talents of its creative team. The stories explore the themes of family, survival, and sacrifice, while also introducing a captivating new mystery. With its stunning artwork and engaging narratives, this issue is a promising start to a series that is sure to capture the attention of Marvel fans. Just imagine if The Strain invaded all of your favorite Marvel continuity.

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A Riveting Anthology of Vampire-Themed Tales

Colors - 9.5
Design - 9.6
Illustration - 9.6
Narrative - 9.5
Subplot - 9.3


"Blood Hunters #1" is the thrilling launch of a new Marvel anthology series, featuring iconic characters like Hawkeye, Man-Wolf, and J. Jonah Jameson in a battle against vampires. With Cloak missing, Dagger seeks unexpected allies, setting the stage for the formation of the Blood Hunters. This action-packed issue ties into several May releases, expanding the Marvel Universe with stories of heroism and supernatural encounters.

Genre: Horror, Superhero
Series: Blood Hunters | Illustrated by Bernard Chang, Bob Quinn, Greg Land, Javier Garron
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