Free Comic Book Day 2024: Gatchaman #0

Free Comic Book Day 2024: Gatchaman #0

Illustrated by: Chris Samnee

Cover Art by: Chris Samnee

Written by: Cullen Bunn,
Tommy Lee Edwards, and Steve Orlando

Release date: May 4th, 2024

Mad Cave Studios

*Minor Spoilers Ahead

The triumphant return of GATCHAMAN, the iconic Japanese animated franchise of a five-member, bird-themed superhero team, known to Western audiences as BATTLE OF THE PLANETS!

This special #0 issue features an explosive, brand-new story that will kick off Mad Cave’s ongoing monthly GATCHAMAN comic book series, debuting with issue #1 in June!

The FCBD special will include a timeline for Mad Cave’s GATCHAMAN series and interconnected spinoff projects coming in 2024 and beyond!

Perfect for teens and adults alike, GATCHAMAN is not only action-packed, but addresses important social issues including conservation, environmentalism, and the responsible use of technology for progress.

GATCHAMAN will be one of Mad Cave’s biggest titles in 2024, and we’ll be supporting it with a massive marketing and promotional campaign – and our FCBD launch with issue #0 will be front-and-center in those efforts!

Mad Cave Studios has done something spectacular for Free Comic Book Day 2024: they’ve brought back Gatchaman, the classic Japanese animated series that many of us grew up watching in its various Western adaptations, such as Battle of the Planets and G-Force. With “Gatchaman #0,” we’re not just revisiting the past; we’re being propelled into a future where the beloved bird-themed superhero team takes on new life and new adventures.

Illustrated by Chris Samnee and covered by the same, with a narrative crafted by the talented trio of Cullen Bunn, Tommy Lee Edwards, and Steve Orlando, this issue serves as a prelude to what promises to be an exhilarating ongoing series. The release date is set for Free Comic Book Day, Saturday May 4th, 2024, and it’s clear that Mad Cave Studios isn’t holding back any punches.

The artwork is nothing short of stunning. Samnee’s illustrations breathe new life into the Gatchaman team, with dynamic poses and vibrant colors that leap off the page. The cover art alone is enough to send waves of nostalgia crashing over any fan of the original series. It’s a visual feast that promises action and excitement.

The story within these pages is equally explosive. It’s a brand-new tale that sets the stage for the monthly series to follow, and if this is any indication, readers are in for a wild ride. The narrative doesn’t just rehash old glories; it builds upon them, introducing new challenges and themes that resonate with today’s social issues, like conservation, environmentalism, and the ethical use of technology.

For those who remember the original anime, the characters Ken the Eagle, Jō the Condor, Jun the Swan, Jinpei the Swallow, and Ryū the Owl are as charismatic and compelling as ever. They’ve been given a fresh coat of paint, but their essence remains true to what made them iconic. They’re still the heroes who engage in epic dogfights, launch from their battleships, and dive into sci-fi infused martial arts and gun battles that captivated audiences.

The FCBD special isn’t just a comic; it’s a roadmap to Mad Cave’s vision for the Gatchaman universe. It includes a timeline that outlines the interconnected spinoff projects slated for 2024 and beyond. This isn’t just a one-off; it’s the beginning of something much larger, a universe that will expand and grow, offering new stories for both new and old fans.

As a personal note, I can’t help but feel a surge of excitement. Like many, I discovered the depth of Gatchaman’s lore later in life, realizing that the shows of my childhood were just the tip of the iceberg. Now, with this new series, I feel like I’m rediscovering it all over again, but with the added bonus of sharing it with a new generation.

Mad Cave Studios is gearing up for a massive marketing campaign, and it’s clear that “Gatchaman #0” is just the beginning. This comic is a love letter to the fans and a welcome mat for newcomers. It’s a blend of nostalgia and modern storytelling that’s sure to captivate.

So, whether you’re a long-time fan or someone who’s just curious about the hype, “Free Comic Book Day 2024: Gatchaman #0” is not to be missed. It’s a testament to the enduring appeal of Gatchaman and a sign of great things to come from Mad Cave Studios. Get ready to take flight once more with the Science Ninja Team, because Gatchaman is back and better than ever.

Gatchaman #0 will be available this coming Saturday May 4, 2024, Free Comic Book Day from 10am to 6pm, while supplies last.


A Soaring Return to Nostalgia!

Colors - 9.8
Design - 9.6
Illustration - 9.6
Narrative - 9.4
Subplot - 9.6


"Free Comic Book Day 2024: Gatchaman #0" marks the exciting revival of the classic Japanese superhero team, GATCHAMAN, by Mad Cave Studios. This issue serves as a prelude to an all-new monthly series, blending dynamic action with themes of environmentalism and technology's impact on society. It also sets the stage for future spinoffs, ensuring GATCHAMAN's place as a key title for the publisher. Fans of the original anime and newcomers alike will find this issue a perfect entry point into the GATCHAMAN universe, featuring the beloved characters Ken, Jō, Jun, Jinpei, and Ryū in their latest adventure.

Genre: Superhero
Series: Gatchaman | Illustrated by Chris Samnee
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