Magic the Gathering – Commander Legends Battle for Baldur’s Gate Prerelease

Bring D&D Legends To The Table

Minsc & Boo. Karlach. Tasha. Play as D&D’s most iconic characters and weave a tale of power and intrigue as you battle your friends. Want more? Show your strength with the glory of the D&D gods—personified in their own Magic cards.

Dungeons & Dragons Meets Magic

Dungeons & Dragons storytelling meets Magic’s most social format in a new crossover multiplayer experience for the ages. Turn every Commander game into an adventure with iconic D&D characters and spells. And create your own powerful character from the ground up with the return of Commander Draft.


Get an extended art promo card with purchase of a box of Draft, Set, or Collector Boosters! Preorder today at your local WPN store, supplies are limited!

Prerelease events are available on Friday, June 3rd, starting at 6PM Friday.  Traditional Prerelease events (with rounds) and Player List Only events (without rounds) are now both available to be scheduled from the Prerelease event template on Wizards EventLink. We are also having Prerelease events on Saturday June 4th at 2pm and Monday June 6th at 6pm.

Join us at West Orange Comics and Video Games for the Magic the Gathering – Commander Legends Battle for Baldur’s Gate Prerelease.

Please call us at (407) 741-3195 or stop in for any questions or RSVP on our Facebook event page.


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