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Innistrad: Crimson Vow Prerelease

  There’s a wedding . . . and you’re on the invite list! Legendary vampire Oliva Voldaren is getting hitched to Edgar Markov. Everybody is just dying to attend—surely, you’ll want to come and check it out. And if you do . . . well, then you’re going to want to hit up a Prerelease! …

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Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Prerelease

WEREWOLVES! VAMPIRES! ZOMBIES! INNISTRAD: MIDNIGHT HUNT Light Your Candle. The Harvesttide Festival is here. Will you try to ward off the coming dark? Or embrace the power of the encroaching darkness? Face your fears with new spooky mechanics and double-faced werewolf cards that become more terrifying at night! Join us at West Orange Comics & …

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