Seven Years In Darkness #1

Seven Years In Darkness #1

Illustrated by: Joseph Schmalke

Written by: Joseph Schmalke

Release date: April 26th, 2023

CEX Publishing

*Minor Spoilers Ahead

The Academy of Black Magic has reopened its doors for the first time in 200 years! Seventy-two children will walk through the Academy doors for freshmen year. But only seven will graduate and walk out alive! Their seven-year journey starts here, in this dark and sweeping fantasy epic from acclaimed comics creator Joe Schmalke!

The Academy of Black Magic has reopened its doors for the first time in 200 years, and it’s not for the faint of heart. In a dark and sweeping fantasy epic, acclaimed comics creator Joe Schmalke introduces us to seventy-two freshmen who will embark on a seven-year journey that only seven will survive.

Seven Years In Darkness #1 is an awesome book for fans of horror and fantasy, and Schmalke does not disappoint. The story is set in a world where magic and mythical creatures exist, and the Academy of Black Magic is the place where young witches and warlocks go to hone their skills.

The story begins with the arrival of the seventy-two freshmen, who are all vying for a chance to graduate and become powerful sorcerers. However, they soon discover that the Academy is not a place for the weak, as they are faced with deadly challenges that test their abilities and their will to survive.

As the story unfolds, we are introduced to a cast of intriguing characters, including the enigmatic headmaster, the ruthless upperclassmen, and the mysterious creatures that lurk in the shadows. Schmalke’s writing is sharp and engaging, and he masterfully weaves together elements of horror, suspense, and dark humor.

The art in Seven Years In Darkness #1 is equally impressive. Schmalke’s signature style is a perfect fit for the story, with bold lines and dynamic layouts that capture the eerie and foreboding atmosphere of the Academy. The use of shadows and lighting is particularly effective, creating a sense of tension and unease that permeates the entire book.

Seven Years In Darkness #1 is a fantastic start to what promises to be an epic and thrilling series. Schmalke has crafted a rich and immersive world, full of danger and intrigue, and his skillful storytelling and stunning artwork make this a must-read for fans of horror and fantasy.

Joseph Schmalke is one my favorite creators in the world of comic books. I had the honor of having him as a guest at the 2022 Lake County Comic Convention and having him do an exclusive black and white cover variant of Seven Years In Darkness #1 just for the show at a low print run of only 150. The variant cover was released day of show Sunday November 19, 2022.

Seven Years In Darkness #1 is available on our weekly new comic wall and it can also be placed on your pull list.


A Seven-Year Journey of Darkness and Survival

Colors - 7.5
Design - 10
Illustration - 10
Narrative - 10
Subplot - 7.5


The Academy of Black Magic has reopened after 200 years and will be taking in 72 freshmen for a seven-year journey, with only seven surviving in this dark and sweeping fantasy epic by Joe Schmalke.

Genre: Fantasy, Horror
Series: Seven Years In Darkness | Illustrated by Joseph Schmalke
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