Punisher #1

Punisher #1

Illustrated by: Dave Wachter

Cover Art by: Rod Reis

Written by: David Pepose

Release date: November 8, 2023

Marvel Comics

*Minor Spoilers Ahead

Is this the return of Frank Castle – or the start of something else? Frank Castle has disappeared, but evil will always need to be punished. With all-new threats rising to claim innocent victims, criminals will need to beware of a dangerous vigilante hunting them from the shadows. Who is the new Punisher? What put him on his path of vengeance? And when the smoke clears, will he even make it out alive? It’s John Wick meets The Fugitive in this action-packed new saga from Ringo Award-winning writer David Pepose (SAVAGE AVENGERS, MOON KNIGHT: CITY OF THE DEAD) and Eisner and Harvey Award-nominated artist Dave Wachter (PLANET OF THE APES, X-MEN LEGENDS), as the Marvel Universe meets the next generation of punishment!

Punisher #1 from Marvel Comics, penned by David Pepose and brought to life by the artistic prowess of Dave Wachter, is a compelling step into the world of vigilantism. The Punisher, a character who’s undergone several evolutions, receives a fresh twist that blends the familiar with new elements.

In this issue, Frank Castle has vanished, making way for a new, high-tech vigilante to emerge. The enigmatic protagonist hunts down criminals with superhero-level threats, providing an exciting shift in the Punisher’s typical narrative. With this new blond haired Punisher It’s like a collision between Eminem and Paul Kersey (but with futuristic weapons) in the Marvel Universe.

The creative team led by David Pepose and Dave Wachter successfully introduces a different flavor to the Punisher mythos, exploring a character who feels like an evolution from past iterations. The narrative presents a more technologically advanced and superheroey setting, which brings a unique dynamic to the Punisher’s relentless pursuit of justice.

While this approach might not completely satisfy the die-hard Frank Castle enthusiasts, it manages to breathe new life into the character, offering a fresh perspective for those who may have drifted away from the Punisher’s world.

In the ever-evolving landscape of comic books, Punisher #1 takes a bold step forward, allowing both longtime fans and newcomers to experience a character they thought they knew from a different angle. The potential for exciting stories and character development in this new era of the Punisher is promising, and we’re looking forward to seeing where this path of vengeance leads.

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A New Era for the Punisher!

Colors - 9.1
Design - 8.4
Illustration - 9.6
Narrative - 9.2
Subplot - 8.8


In "The Punisher #1" from Marvel Comics, the narrative opens with Frank Castle's mysterious disappearance. However, evil remains, and justice needs to be served. As new threats emerge, a ruthless vigilante lurks in the shadows, ready to deliver punishment to those who deserve it. The burning questions are, who is this new Punisher, what set him on his path of vengeance, and will he survive the blood-soaked journey?

Genre: Superhero
Series: Punisher | Illustrated by Dave Wachter, Rod Reis
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