Jean Grey #1

Jean Grey #1

Illustrated by: Bernard Chang

Cover Art by: Amy Reeder

Written by: Louise Simonson

Release date: August 23, 2023

Marvel Comics

*Minor Spoilers Ahead

SUPERSTAR CREATORS TAKE JEAN GREY’S LEGACY TO FIERY NEW HEIGHTS! After the events of the Hellfire Gala, Jean’s life is in shambles. Mutantkind is in dire straits – and there’s nothing this founding X-Man can do. She’ll have to save herself first. And that means looking into her past – for the moment when it all went wrong – in a desperate attempt to save her and all Krakoa’s future. Legendary writer Louise Simonson returns to the X-Men with a story full of fan-favorite moments, heartrending revelations and pulse-pounding devastation!

Marvel Comics’ Jean Grey #1, brought to life by the dynamic duo of Louise Simonson and Bernard Chang, with an eye-catching cover by Amy Reeder, is an explosive addition to the X-Men universe. This comic takes Jean Grey’s iconic legacy and propels it to new heights, delivering a captivating narrative that’s sure to leave fans on the edge of their seats.

Picking up after the seismic events of the Hellfire Gala, the first issue thrusts readers into a world where Jean Grey’s life is in disarray. The masterful storytelling by Louise Simonson places the founding X-Man in a position of vulnerability, where even her considerable powers might not be enough to save the day. The dire straits of mutantkind only serve to amplify the stakes, setting the stage for a tale that promises to resonate with both long-time followers and newcomers to the X-Men mythos.

With breathtaking artwork by Bernard Chang, each panel of Jean Grey #1 is a visual feast. Chang’s attention to detail and ability to convey raw emotion shines through, drawing readers into every moment of Jean’s journey. And let’s not forget the stunning cover art by Amy Reeder that practically demands to be displayed proudly on any collector’s shelf.

The heart of this issue lies in its exploration of Jean Grey’s past, a journey that is bound to unravel heartrending revelations and pulse-pounding devastation. Louise Simonson’s return to the X-Men universe is a triumph, as she weaves a narrative that is not only true to the characters but also rich in depth and history. The comic feels like a reunion with old friends, with Simonson’s deft hand guiding us through a landscape of fan-favorite moments that are sure to elicit both nostalgia and excitement.

Jean Grey #1 is not just a comic; it’s a promise of things to come. The combination of Simonson’s storytelling prowess, Chang’s evocative art, and Reeder’s striking cover art sets the stage for a series that holds the potential to become a modern classic in the X-Men canon. Whether you’re a lifelong X-Men devotee or a casual reader looking for a gripping story, this comic is a must-read that will leave you eagerly anticipating the next installment.

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Jean Grey #1: A Captivating and Explosive Addition to the X-Men Universe

Colors - 7.7
Design - 9.1
Illustration - 9.1
Narrative - 9.4
Subplot - 9.8


Marvel Comics' Jean Grey #1, written by Louise Simonson and illustrated by Bernard Chang, features a captivating narrative that explores the iconic X-Men character's past and vulnerability. The comic promises to resonate with both long-time followers and newcomers to the X-Men mythos, with stunning artwork by Chang and a striking cover by Amy Reeder. It sets the stage for a series that holds the potential to become a modern classic in the X-Men canon.

Genre: Superhero
Series: Jean Grey | Illustrated by Amy Reeder, Bernard Chang
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