Hellverine #1

Hellverine #1

Illustrated by: Julius Ohta

Cover Art by: Ryan Stegman

Written by: Benjamin Percy

Release date: May 29th, 2024

Marvel Comics

*Minor Spoilers Ahead

RIDE TO HELL AND BACK IN HELLVERINE’S FIRST EVER SOLO SERIES! Because you demanded it — the return of the HELLVERINE! When a DEMONIC FORCE known as BAGRA-GHUL first came to earth, it brought LOGAN and GHOST RIDER together to hunt it before it possessed WOLVERINE. But now, in the present day, what event will put the Hellverine back on the streets… and is he slashing his hellfire claws for good or evil? And, introducing the ALL-NEW HELLFIRE WARRIORS! Don’t miss the launch of the all-new series, brought to you by Hellverine co-creator Benjamin Percy (WOLVERINE, GHOST RIDER) and blazing hot talent Julius Ohta (ALIEN, VENOM)!

Marvel Comics has unleashed a terrifying new threat upon the unsuspecting Marvel Universe in the form of Hellverine, and it’s a demonic delight that fans of horror and Wolverine won’t want to miss.

Illustrated by Julius Ohta with stunning cover art by Ryan Stegman, and expertly crafted by the talented writer Benjamin Percy, Hellverine #1 introduces us to Mephisto’s latest diabolical scheme: the resurrection of the demon Bagra-ghul, whose sole purpose is to transform wanton slaughter into a twisted art form.

As a throwback to the days of Amalgam Comics, where Marvel and DC characters merged into unique amalgamations, the look of Hellverine in my opinion is a brilliant homage to the classic Speed Demon character, combining the iconic elements of Etrigan the Demon and Ghost Rider into a chilling new entity.

The issue opens with Mephisto himself, seated upon his fiery throne in the depths of Hell, pondering the past exploits of his favorite underling, Bagra-ghul. Realizing that the time is ripe for Bagra-ghul’s return to Earth, Mephisto unleashes a sinister force that promises untold destruction in the Marvel Universe.

Fans of Wolverine will be captivated by the seamless integration of Bagra-ghul’s demonic essence with the beloved mutant hero, creating a terrifying doppelgänger that is sure to send shivers down the spines of readers. The creative team has masterfully blended the horror and superhero genres, delivering a gripping narrative that pays homage to Wolverine’s rich history while introducing a fresh, nightmarish twist.

If you’re seeking a thrilling, demonic adventure that combines the best of Marvel’s storytelling with a deliciously dark and twisted tale of possession and hellish chaos. Brace yourselves, True Believers, for Hellverine is here, and Hell has come to Earth.

Hellverine #1 is available on our weekly new comic book wall.


A Demonic Descent Into Wolverine's Nightmares

Colors - 9.6
Design - 9.6
Illustration - 9.6
Narrative - 9.6
Subplot - 9.6


Marvel Comics has unleashed a terrifying new threat in Hellverine #1, where Mephisto resurrects the demon Bagra-ghul to wreak havoc on the Marvel Universe.

Genre: Horror, Superhero
Series: Helverine | Illustrated by Julius Ohta, Ryan Stegman
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